Water Heater Rebates

If you purchase an electric water heater for a new home or replace an existing electric water heater you may be eligible for a water heater rebate. The rebate program encourages the efficient use of electricity. To qualify for a $50 rebate the new water heater must be meet the minimum Department of Energy's Efficiency Factor (EF) rating, be at least 52 gallons, and be applied for within 30 days of purchase. A $100 rebate is available for water heaters with higher EF ratings. These ratings are as follows:

Size DOE Minimum EF
Higher Minimum EF Rating
50 gallons .90 .92
60 gallons .89 .92
80 gallons .86 .92
Rebate $50 $100

Members must also agree to participate in future load control programs (currently Park Electric does not have such a program). To receive the rebate the member must complete an application and submit proof of purchase. To receive the $100 rebate proof of EF rating is required.

Get the water heater rebate:

To get signed up, download the form, fill it out and return it to us.