Water Heater Rebates

If you purchase an electric water heater for a new home or replace an existing electric water heater you may be eligible for a water heater rebate. The rebate program encourages the efficient use of electricity. To qualify for a $50 rebate the new water heater must meet the minimum Department of Energy's Efficiency Factor (EF) rating, be at least 50 gallons, and be applied for within 30 days of purchase. A $100 rebate is available for water heaters with higher EF ratings. These ratings are as follows:

Size DOE Minimum EF
Higher Minimum EF Rating
50 gallons .90 .92
60 gallons .89 .92
80 gallons .86 .92
Rebate $50 $100

Members must also agree to participate in future load control programs (currently Park Electric does not have such a program). To receive the rebate the member must complete an application and submit proof of purchase. To receive the $100 rebate proof of EF rating is required.

Get the water heater rebate

To get signed up, download the form, fill it out and return it to us.

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